Twitter Account and Winter Photos

I made a Twitter account: @IvyLilyBlog. My new blog posts, deviantART works, Redbubble prints and Artflakes prints will be announced there. (Actually, I'm having some trouble connecting Artflakes to Twitter because I can't find the rss feed url in Artflakes but maybe that will be fixed.) I thought it would be a good idea to gather them all together somewhere. Maybe I'll sometimes tweet some WIPs (works in progress) too. I also connected the account to Postcrossing so my latest sent and received Postcrossing cards will be updated to my Twitter account as well.

And I'd be happy to follow other art, mail or crafts related Twitter accounts.

Below some snowy photos taken in January. It doesn't look like that outside anymore, unfortunately.  

Mail post coming on Friday. 


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